First up back on Discord since the consensus is that’s where everybody out there wants to talk to me about their commissions.  I’m not going to make a server this time but if you want to invite me to yours or just chat with me, I’m now BumWolf#3163 I welcum the conversation if you just want to say hi or chat.

Making progress on restoring the site.  I could easily dump everything back on here, but the resolution on some of these comics were such low resolution it’s hard to read the text bubbles, especially on mobile devices.  For stuff prior to 2010 I’m having to resort to A.I. to up resolution the comics.  It’s not perfect, and I have to comb over the comics correcting things and retyping the text.  So if you’re missing something, hold tight it’s cumming.

Also looking for Commissions right now, I could really use a few more.