Price What You Get
$15.00 Pairing picture or solo up to 3 characters.
$40.00 One page comic, 8 panels up to 4 characters.
$65.00 Two page comic, 16 panels up to 4 characters. 
Three page comic, 24 panels up to 5 characters
$100.00 Four page comic, 32 panels up to 5 characters. 
Five page comic, 40 panels up to 10 characters. Orgy tier.
CGI Tiers What You Get
$75.00 16 panel comic, up to 2 characters (Regular picture price if I have the models already created.) 
Coming soon, negotiable price. CGI animated short up to two minutes or more. 
What I will do. Yaoi, Shota, and Furry.  Can be from Anime, Video Games, and some Cartoons. 
What I will not do. Toddlerkon, Scat or oddball fetishes, OC characters (Without legit reference material), Cal Arts style (This is something you’ll need to ask me on but, if I do, it will be in my anime style), Political or Polarizing characters/topics.
How to get started
Contact me at or  Back on Discord: BumWolf#3163
  Pictures usually 1-2 days I accept these anytime. Comics can take up to two weeks after I begin the process, 3 slots available each month.  CGI can take up to a month.  Updates will be sent daily by e-mail as the comic is completed.  All commissioned works are posted on the website when completed, though I can delay if you wish.  I no longer do private commissions, but will make concessions if you wish to share the works to your own audience first.  I can’t sell prints, but I will be willing to share the full sized Clip Studio format comics with you if you wish.  (Can convert it over to PSD for Photoshop if you would like.)



























Updated August 2023