Chapter 6 Final Chapter

  1. (Show a bubbling volcano.) UNDISCLOSED LOCATION SOUTH OF TOWN

  2. (A table setup like Dr. Evil from Austin Powers. Have Monokuma be one of the villans at the table.) Igor: Welcome to the Velvet room! We are approaching the climax to our story. I wish to give you something.

  3. Margareth: (Dressed and screaming like Frau.) BRING IN THE OBJECT!

  4. Igor: I present to you this golden dildo. And it’s worth….

  5. (Dr. Evil look.) Igor: 1 million dollars!

  6. Igor: How you use it is up to you. Ha! Ha! Ha!

  7. (Show the boys out in front of a Love Motel.) Yosuke: Why do I have a feeling the Universe is looking for scenarios for us to all fuck. Kanji: Hey it’s a free weekend why not take advantage of it. Teddie: I Bearly can wait.

  8. (Show the boys on the bed similar to what they looked like in the anime.) Teddie; Come on Yu strip off and join us. Yosuke: This time I’m topping! Kanji: Fine I’ll take all 3 of your dicks just fuck me.

  9. Tohru: Mind if we join you. (oh cool im thinking smug adachi sitting on a chair with a gun on his lap watching the boys since i can see him doing that) (Door opens up to reveal Ken and Ryo tied up.)

  10. Tohru: We are going to play a little game you 4 will fuck or they die. Any time you stop they will slowly fall into the lava. Yosuke: He can’t be serious!

  11. (The two drop an inch. Ken shrieks.)

  12. Yu: You heard the man let’s start fucking.

  13. Fucking

  14. fucking

  15. fucking

  16. fucking

  17. fucking

  18. (Show time passes boys starting to get weary.) Tohru: Oh you all got to be running on fumes by now.

  19. (Yu cums and shoots his wad hitting Tohru in the eyes.) Tohru: What the fuck.

  20. (The boys pin him down.) Yu: You don’t know the sexual stamina of teenage boys in the peak of their physical condition! Kanji: Let’s show him boys.

  21. (Show Tohru taking cocks from every end.)

  22. Ken: (Just released.) Stand back I owe him a pounding.

  23. (Ken shoves his cock in Tohru’s face while Ryo inserts in his ass.) Ryo: Oh I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile.

  24. More pounding.

  25. (Flood of cum as all the boys release.)

  26. (Next Day in front of the train station. With the sign saying service restored thanks for your patience.)

  27. Youske: Ahh do you really have to go I was getting comfortable with exploring my sexuality. Kenji: Yeah bringing us out of our closeted virginity is the best thing you ever done to us. Teddie: I don’t even have to be a furry anymore to get laid. Ken: Get lost asshole. (Ryo has Tohru tied up in a sexual rope fetish binding with a ball in his mouth.) Ryo: Thanks for letting me know my partner needs a bit more attention.

  28. Yu: I’ll be back some day. (waving as he enters the train.)

  29. (Train speeds away as the town behind him explodes.) Yu: Maybe not.